Trailer Suspension Repair – Axles, Leaf Springs, Brake, Tubes

Every trailer suspension system is designed to provide straight tracking, even tire wear, and proper handling when being towed.

Airstream Trailer Suspension and Axle Tube Repair

Often times, the natural arc of the trailer suspension axle tubes will actually bend out of their factory settings due to heavy loads and normal wear over the years. When this happens, the first sign will be uneven tire wear or even blisters leading to a blow out.


Pioneer Trailer Suspension RepairWhat we have seen is that trailers will take a hit to a leaf spring, axle, or tire causing the suspension system to become mis-aligned.

Here at OCRV Paint and Service, we are able to inspect and determine the components that are damaged on your trailer suspension system and replace them to factory specifications.

  • Axles Tubes and Spindles
  • Disc Brake Systems
  • Leaf Springs
  • Shocks and spring systems
  • Frame Repair

Here are some of the trailer suspension systems we have worked on at our shop!


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