Tommy Greer’s Forest River Berkshire Get’s Handled! Slide Outs, Body, and Paint Repair

Forest River Berkshire Slide Out Repair

Tommy Greer has some real issues, but we have him covered!

When your RV or Motorhome slide outs get stuck on vacation it's not fun, not to mention collision damage.

Not to worry though!   Check out these pictures & videos of both slide outs removed from Tommy's RV along with some body & paint repairs.

Here is a brief overview of  this RV repair.

Slide Outs – The slide outs move in-n-out on rollers attached to the floor of the RV that rest on the bottom of the slide out.  These rollers must be positioned  directly underneath a frame section on the bottom of the slide out for support as the slide out moves in and out.   On this coach, the rollers were not positioned underneath a frame section, rather they were underneath soft foam in-between the frame!  Over time, the foam compresses and the slide out sags down, eventually putting too much strain on the slide cables, causing them to break.  In addition, if the slide sags too much, it may even get stuck in position.  Solution:  Remove the slide out with a forklift carefully positioned, re-position the rollers so they are aligned below a frame section on the slide out, and put the slide out back in.  In addition, we added an aditional frame rail in a few spots, replaced the damaged/frayed slide-out cover, and replaced the slide out motor cables that actually snapped due to the sag!

Fiberglass Damage – The side of this Forest River Berkshire was gouged pretty badly in several areas down the side.  When repairing the side panels of an RV or Motorhome, the fiberglass must be ground down, filled, and prepped for paint.   Then comes the difficult part of masking the paint lines and multiple colors.  The guys at OCRV make it look easy, but it sure takes a lot of time and effort to get the results we achieve!

Forest River Berkshire Slide out, Fiberglass and Paint Damage Repair

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