Helpful RV Travel Tips

One of the great things about having an RV is that you can authentically connect with nature while not having to forfeit any modern luxuries.  Taking an RV out into the “boonies” or away from civilization is often referred to as, “boon docking”.  There is much debate among RV owners as to what truly defines the term boon docking in the first place.  Some people think boon docking is simply foregoing electrical and sewer hookups, others say it isn’t boon docking unless you’re in the wilderness.  For our purposes, boon docking is used in reference to an excursion in the wilderness.   The following tips are designed to give you, the RV owner some things to consider before stepping out into the wilderness.  Your two concerns should be safety and fun, and in that order.   Some of these helpful tips are provided courtesy of the experiences of others, so take their advice and you’ll have a much better time, we promise.

Watch out for Wildlife
When you’re out in the wild you may be tempted to get up close and personal with the various creatures that inhabit these areas; such activity is not advisable.  Try to keep a respectable distance between you and any wildlife you encounter.  While it would certainly be a harrowing experience to encounter a bear, remember, a charging deer can just as easily cost you a trip to the hospital or worse (their hooves are razor sharp).  Keep a clean campsite, and try to move all food waste to another specified location away from your RV.  And if you’re traveling with your dog, don’t leave him tied up outside if at all possible; a restrained dog is an easy target for a roaming hungry bear.

Choose a designated and well maintained campsite
By finding a spot that meets with established regulatory standards for RV camping you will most likely have a much richer experience, with better scenery and surroundings.  But there is an additional reason to put forth the extra effort when choosing your docking area; thieves are less likely to scope out an area if they think it has better security provisions.  Don’t leave belongings lying around your campsite; it’s like an open invitation to those looking for stuff to steal.  And remember to always lock up.

Saving Water and Power resources
Here are plenty of tips that will help you stretch your water and electricity resources beyond what you thought was possible.  These tips will allow you to stay “disconnected” for even longer periods of time.

  • Take showers every other day or couple of days if possible (probably not possible if you are in a humid climate).  And when you do shower follow this procedure:
    • Turn on the water, wet yourself down, turn the water off, soap yourself up, and then rinse.
  • Try to use the restrooms in restaurants, service stations, stores, campgrounds, resorts, etc….  Anywhere but your RV.
  • Turn your inverter off when it’s not in use.
  • When the weather turns cooler, angle your RV so that it’s facing the sun, thereby letting the solar power of the sun warm your RV. Likewise, when it’s hot angle your RV facing away from the sun and also keep your awnings open.
  • Save the water that’s used (as you’re waiting for it to heat up) in a separate container for other purposes.
  • Disposable plates, spoons, forks and knives will help you save on water.
  • Limit your use of lights and try to pick the smallest wattages available as well.
  • Fluorescent lights use much less energy.
  • TV’s and kitchen appliances use lots of power, keep that in mind.
  • Wash your dishes and utensils in separate bin or container to save. Pour the dirty water outside to save on space if you’re in an area that allows it.
  • Bring along extra water storage containers as both backup and to gather additional water (maybe on foot) from adjoining locations.
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